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What Is Hepius for casinos

Our contact tracing application/technology will allow casinos to remain open while protecting their employees and customers, vastly decreasing the potential losses to revenue. Studies show that a combination of testing and an efficient app-based contact tracing technology could prevent up to 80% of all transmission.


Why Is This Important for a Casino?

During the 30 days in which Nevada casinos were shut down due to COVID-19, casinos lost 100’s of millions of dollars. For example, MGM Resorts was burning an estimated $14.4 million every day of closure. Additional costs can be seen with rises in healthcare ($600k/1000 employees) and production losses from absenteeism ($114k/1,000 employees). While casinos have started to reopen, spikes in COVID-19 cases threaten another round of closures.

Closure Costs:

$14.4 Million

Per day

Estimated closure cost
at MGM



Rises in healthcare per 1,000


Per 1,000 employees

Estimated cost of production loss due to COVID-19 absenteeism


Why Should We Choose Hepius?

Due to a 4-year head-start, Hepius has been optimized to perform far
more effectively than any other app currently available.
There are several advantages to Hepius:


As a proven, finished product, Hepius can be easily deployed either as a new application or integrated with an existing application for seamless implementation.


Other methods like symptom checking and manual contact tracing are extremely costly, slow-moving, and greatly affect the customer experience. Don’t waste your time and money. Hepius will literally save your organization tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.


Data is anonymized and has an expiration date. No personal information is shared.

Data aggregation

Hepius can combine data from all users within one area when pushing notifications to ensure all users, no matter their association, are notified of risky encounters.


Hepius can be deployed as a centralized or decentralized model, depending on the clients needs. A centralized model allows the admin to view collective data from a single dashboard (internal employee feature). A decentralized model allows each user control over the notification feature (customer-facing feature).


Hepius is the most accurate contact tracing app on the market, recording the 5 essential epidemiological metrics (location, duration, proximity, time, and transmission chain)

Have Us Demo The App

We aren’t afraid to show off our technology and encourage you to demo Hepius at your earliest convenience. While we are living in desperate times, we still believe we must earn your trust before we can earn your business.

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