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What makes us the best?

Not just four-year head-start

While we certainly didn’t see this epidemic coming, our team happened to develop exactly what our world needed during its greatest moment of crisis. With a four-year head-start evolving the underlying technology for our friends in the airline industry, we worked day and night to repackage Hepius to save lives. These extra years of refining our patent-pending software has given a huge advantage over all other applications, which simply don’t have the same ability to consistently capture precise data around contact events.




Centralized Model

No other app offers both options

Decentralized Option

No other app offers both options

Additional feature implementation

Notification system

Comprehensive notification system plus more

Some do not have notification system

Client specific Branding

SDK for Faster Adoption

Proven Record

Round the clock user support

Implementation support

Epidemiology Data Recorded


Extreme Accuracy - < 1 foot

Low Accuracy - 10 feet min


We accurately measure the contact duration

Duration is often overlooked

Time and date

Reports include time and date of the contact

Reports include time and date of the contact

Transmission chain

Degree of separation from the infected individual

Incapable of designating


Location of the contact down to office and classroom

Some offer inaccurate location proximities


Accurate individual historical and daily statistics for personal improvements

No statistics is reported

Data Privacy

Users’ identity

Anonymized 8 character user keys

Not all use anonymized user keys

Data retention

Every data set has a lifespan of 30 days. Then it will be deleted automatically.

Long-term storage


Encrypted storage

Marketing data collection

Encryption at rest

Real-world use case
Westminster college

In July of 2020, Westminster College contracted Hepius to ensure a safer and more reliable on-campus experience for their students and faculty in August.

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