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Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality Industry Analysis

The travel industry has been completely rocked by Covid-19 and hotels have been no exception. To help our clients understand the unprecedented impact of the pandemic to their industry and the absolute importance of implementing Hepius, we have put together an industry-focused analysis.


Vacant by Virus

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, hotels have undergone over $124 billion in devastating losses. Only 37% of hotels have been able to bring back half of their employees to full time, while 36% haven’t been able to bring back any of their furloughed or laid-off workers, equating to more than $2.4 billion in weekly lost wages due to the crisis. 29% of all hotels are only able to keep ⅕ of their workforce while ½ of hotel owners face potential foreclosure. The hospitality industry is experiencing a calamity like never seen before with very little light at the end of the tunnel.

How Can Hepius Help?

Despite a small rise in the travel industry from people too restless to stay at home, hotels and resorts are struggling to find ways back into full operation. Advanced cleanliness tactics and rules requiring social distancing are easily overwhelmed by the frequent intermixing of travelers. Infection is inevitable and hotels need to have a strategy for mitigating outbreaks not just to protect their guests and staff, but to encourage prospective stays.

When “Shelter in Place” orders are lifted, Hepius will provide the peace-of-mind required to bring in new guests while maintaining the social responsibility to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. Hepius can be implemented smoothly and with very little investment to keep hotels and resorts open while saving the industry billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Hepius is available for iOS and Android devices and can be quickly adapted for specialized operating systems used by commercial handheld or stationary devices.

Closure Costs

$124 Billion

Total losses

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic so far

$2.4 Billion

Weekly losses

Weekly lost wages due to the crisis


Kept employees

Hotels that are only able to keep
⅕ of their workforce


Did not bring employees back

Hotels that haven’t been able to bring back any of their furloughed or laid-off workers.


potential foreclosure

Hotels owners facing potential foreclosure


Social Responsibility
Limiting economic losses

Do not let a pandemic control your business. With Hepius, you can efficiently and effectively save lives while staying open for business and limiting economic losses. There is no excuse. Set an example and be socially responsible. Act now and connect with our consultation team for a quick look at what it will take to implement Hepius within your organization.

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